Manhattan by Foot: 20+ Free Self-guided Walking Tours


What You’ll Learn: About the History, Architecture, Culture and Various Communities that Are Woven Together to Form Manhattan


I wish I’d known about the High Line Walking Tour in March when I walked it in March

I wonder how many other cities in the world have as many walking tours as the Big Apple Does? Working on a post about interesting free self-guided walking tours around the U.S., I discovered all of these free self-guided tours covering New York City.  Pick your favorite topic, and there’s probably a tour that covers it! So take a bite of the Big Apple with one of these tours:

If you know of any other great walking tours of Manhattan, please contact me to let me know about them!

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3 Responses to “Manhattan by Foot: 20+ Free Self-guided Walking Tours”

  1. Stephen says:

    Hi TravelMaven. We have a free self-guided tour of Greenwich Village at We also have other free self guided tours at

    I hope you find this valuable for your readership.

    Free Tours by Foot

  2. Marney Ryan says:

    Can you help me find a self-guided, walking tour of Greenwich Village? We walked there while visiting last week–found some interesting sections that were dim shadows of the Village’s former lives, with Ginsberg, Bob Dillon, and where I imagined Woody Allen first performed stand-up, but it is now a mix of things, lots of restaurants and the odd bookstore. There used to be small clubs in the lower levels of apartment buildings. Didn’t coffee houses get their start in the Village? These were things I wanted to visualize as I walked there, but without continually getting lost in areas of newer buildings and construction. Do you have any suggestions for my next visit to New York? Thanks! MARNEY RYAN

    • TravelMaven says:

      Hi Marney – I don’t specifically know of any online walking tours of Greenwich Village, but you may want to turn to Amazon. When I searched on “Walking Tours of Greenwich Village,” I came up with quite a few, and many are very recent. I bet you’d find a lot of great information in any of them!

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